Alternatives to fossil fuels

Fossil fuels have so far served us quite well. The importance of fossil fuels behind our civilization can never be questioned. From the fossil fuels, we have gathered our desired energy and turned them into various forms to meet our demands. Since Benzamin Franklin’s invention of electricity, our civilization got a great boost. And for producing electricity, fossil fuels are vastly used. But fossil fuels are now being overused and the amount of fossil fuels underground our earth decreases at an alarming rate. In 50 years we may run out of fossil fuel and our world may face a great crisis. For avoiding that, we need to prepare ourselves from now. We have to increase using renewable energy.

Solar Energy

Though the sun is a great source of energy, it is not easy to use solar energy in our lives. The solar panels which are invented so far can’t produce a whole lot of energy. As a result the solar panels have to be put on huge sized open fields. Such types of open fields are rare scenarios in this era as people have built houses and industries all over the place. Still, we need to try our best to use solar energy. Solar installation has become quite common in a few developed countries. But in third world countries, this is not something people are familiar with. Solar installation on individual basis won’t be able to make a great difference. It is necessary to take bigger initiatives and keep researching. 


Biogas is also a great source of renewable energy. The biogas plants are very affordable to develop. The problem with biogas plants is, they can’t produce enough energy to power our whole house and all the devices. 

Nuclear energy

Nothing can be compared to nuclear energy. If we can use nuclear energy, then we will be able to enjoy electricity for eternity. You can’t imagine the energy that can be created from just one molecule of an element. The problem with nuclear energy is, it is very dangerous to handle. Also nuclear radiation can put its bad impacts on a large scale to the nearby area. In Japan, an explosion in the nuclear power plant in Fukushima led to lots of death. Many people were infected by nuclear radiation. Germany has announced that they will close all their nuclear power plants within 2020. Nuclear energy is quite harmful to our environment as well. 


The problem with green energy is, it is quite costly to produce. The modern day business industries are not willing to increase their production costs by implementing green energy and green technology. I wonder how far our greed will take us and what is waiting for us in the future.