5 Safety Tips For Construction

Working in construction can be hectic. You can be asked to work on heavy loads and also required to work on large equipment and tools. You will have to ride cranes and squat on scaffolds which can be scary. The construction jobs have their plus points too as you can work with interesting equipment, but if you are not careful of what you are doing you can face accidents. Here are somethings to keep in mind while working in construction:

Carry objects carefully and properly

You can get backaches and headaches if you do not carry items properly. You can get injured by carrying heavy objects from one place to another. Place your footing carefully and balance what you are carrying to avoid falling down and injuring your face or body.

Use the right tools always

Tools are meant to make your job easy so use the correct high powered tools. You might have to use a hammer in certain cases which can put a large strain on to your hand or pliers can slip and injure your thumb or wrists. If you constantly use poor tools, you can face tendonitis, carpel tunnel syndrome, trigger or white finger. Tools which focus on high vibration or noise can cause your ear drums to explode. To stay on the safe side use tools that have lower vibrations and long triggers. Think about whether you are left handed or right handed when you work with tools as they can affect your coordination too. You must ask your superiors for tools that require less force and do not strain your wrists or hands when you hold them. They must not be broken so that they do not conduct heat back into your body!

Sit on a stool when you do not have to stand

Conserve your energy and do not expend it unnecessarily unless you have to stand. Avoid squatting or bending down if you can sit on a bench so that your knees and back bone are resting upright. This will be difficult in the case of building construction but you can always ask civil construction companies for more break time or appropriate places to rest.

Focus on keeping your wrists relaxed

If you can keep your wrists relaxed while you work you will prevent swelling, strains, tingling and pain sensations. Remember if the pain gets worse you can risk developing a carpel tunnel syndrome or blisters which will need surgery over time. Some civil construction companies require heavy drilling so talk to your supervisor on how to minimize the effects on to the body when drilling.

Learn to balance your tool belt

Tool belts are important and compact but they can stress your body creating a misalignment of joints over time. You must balance your weight and if one side is heavier, you must transfer some items to the other side. You can also put undue pressure on your pelvic and stomach which can result in painful hernias.

Remember that construction isn’t an easy job but if you love what you do, do not give up in the face of obstacles. Constantly reevaluate your career goals and you will be on the road to a successful construction job.